Products Catalog

Our product range allows you to cover almost all the need in the production, transportation, processing of oil, gas, water, steam and other liquid and gaseous media, at energy enterprises, gas production and processing, metallurgical, petrochemical, food and other industries.


A part of a pipeline designed to provide a smooth change in the direction of the pipeline to the desired angle.


This is a part of the pipeline designed to ensure a smooth transition from one pipe diameter to another.

Welding Tees

Detail of a pipeline structure (connecting element of a pipeline) with three connecting ends.


Connecting elements of the pipeline structure, which are disks or rings (and sometimes a square frame) with holes for bolts.

Pip Capes

Part of the pipeline, designed for permanent or temporary sealing (blockage) of the end openings of the main and field pipeline structures.

Custom Order

Need to produce custom pipeline part?